Crunch crunch crunch
On this fruit I munch

Sweet as sugar
Juicy as a drink
Filled with much zest
Irresistible to blink

Freshly picked
Pink, red, and ripe
Ready for a bite

How I would like
To sink my teeth
To lick the juices
To savor this moment

Nothing more delicious
Than something so nubile
Aged well through the season
Oh I crave and desire

For I love fetuses.



Two roads diverged on a yellow wood
Only one takes me home
A path never forgotten
A path never alone

Minutes of walking under the sun
Hours of radiation gnawing
A day of habitual occurence
A moment of sporadic thinking

What if a truck comes darting fro
Doppler effect onomatopoeia
No near miss for today’s display
Free ticket to the pearly gates

Would I even make it up there
Or shall brimstone welcome me
Even in a hot summer’s day
No escape from heat or light

Enough with the thinking
For it is time to get in
I have reached a house
Haven, workplace, and bin

Seeking refuge within
Up the steps, past mom and dad
Only to pause and think
What a journey I have had